Nutrition Services Available All Week.
Welcome! Dr. Michael Teytelbaum, DC has had several seminars in functional medicine from Apex Energetics, which is lead by Dr. Kharrazian, author of featured books "Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms When MY Lab Tests are Normal" and "Why Isn't My Brain Working?" Dr. Teytelbaum seeks alternative ways to help people suffering from various conditions like: hypo/hyper thyroidism, weight issues, autoimmune conditions, fibromyalgia, amongst others. He is interested in finding the cause of the dysfunction and inflammation.  Dr. Teytelbaum is also a listed Primal Doc and takes a holistic approach to your nutritional/metabolic needs.   He is not a certified nutritionist or dietitian.
Comprehensive Nutrition Evaluation
$120 - New patient consultation (30-45mins)
$75 - Follow-up consultation (15-30min)
Exam Includes:
Review of comprehensive medical questionnaire 
Drug/herb benefits & interaction analysis 
Personalized diet and supplement plan, or appropriate health referral 
Limited email communication 

Any additional recommended supplements or cleanses cost extra depending on your case.

For further questions you can Email Dr. Teytelbaum at or call the office at (973)467-9011.