When Your Feet
Feel Good, You Feel Good!

The latest advances in foot, ankle & lower leg care.

relief for:

Chronic foot, arch & heel pain

Ankle sprains & fractures

Shin splints & sports injuries

Pains of the leg, knee and hip related to improper foot/ankle structure

Bunions and hammer toes

Ingrown and fungus nails

Corns, calluses & warts

Children's disorders including in-toe,

Flat feet & improper walking

Advanced care to
keep you active:

Ankle & heel arthroscopy to correct injuries quickly

Ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation & therapy to soothe aching muscles

Custom sports & dress orthotic supports to reduce pain

Walking and running analysis to improve performance and prevent injury

In-office X-ray for quicker diagnosis

For your
comfort and convenience:

In-office or hospital-based surgery available

Same-day appointments

Evening & Saturday hours

Most insurance plans accepted

Flexible payment plans

Credit cards accepted