What is a Chiropractic Adjustment?

March 14, 2012
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The chiropractic adjustment is an extremely beneficial and effective therapy to increase how the body functions and how your body performs and recovers from athletic events and everyday life stressors.  Your nervous system needs three (3) things to function properly – proper nutrition/metabolism, efficient oxygen, and appropriate stimulation.   The adjustment works especially well for the latter two.  Now imagine somebody who has broken their arm and is now in a cast.  What happens to the muscles surrounding that joint?  The muscles begin to atrophy and become weaker because there is no movement (stimulation) of that arm joint!  Now how will that person regain strength and function of that arm?  By removing the cast and moving (stimulating) the joint!

This is what the chiropractic adjustment does for your spine!  Traumas, chemical toxins, poor posture, repetitive movements, negative thoughts can all lead the vertebrae in the spine to not move like they should.  A chiropractor is trained to assess the spine and to remove these subluxations (fancy word for a fixated vertebral joint).  As a result, the adjustment stimulates the joint mechanoreceptors, improves the neural pathway integrity, and restores body function and flow.   

Additionally, a chiropractic adjustment may also improve breathing and oxygenation when a rib joint or a mid back joint are a little bit “stuck” or not moving how they should.   The adjustment frees up the joint and restores the movement of the rib cage and helps you breathe better throughout the day.


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