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We are full on in the midst of the Holiday season and everyone is rushing around. On top of the usual pressures associated with our jobs, financial situations and relationships, there is the stress of getting everything done. Did you get the perfect gift? Did you spend enough? Will they like it? During this time, the little question that lingers constantly in the back of your mind is “Am I doing enough?” Am I exercising enough? Am I eating well enough? Am I doing enough for my kids, my family, myself? In a time where everyone seems to be speeding up and rushing around I am going to challenge you to slow down and to relax. This may require you to sit down and really think about what’s important, what is a priority and what has a time stamp. Stress has many ill effects including longer healing time and the dampening of your immune system. What are you willing to give up and cut out to find a little peace? Maybe, for example, it is the two hours of TV a night. You think you are “relaxing” but it isn’t really contributing to improving your life in any way. Instead take 20 min of those two hours to do something that would make you a more productive and healthier person. Try mediating, doing some restorative yoga or foam rolling. Try skipping your favorite show and going straight to bed instead because sleep is when our body does the most healing and restoration in preparation to continue onto the next day. Number one priority should always be to keep your body functioning at 100% and no one functions well in pain. Who can get through their “to do” list quickly and efficiently when you have aches? When you are rushing around and honking at the slow driver in front of you stop and try and remember what is really important – taking care of yourself. Please take care of yourselves this Holiday and don’t ignore the needs of your body.

The APRC Team


APRC would like to recognize Dr. Michael Teytelbaum for achieving Board Certified status in Chiropractic Neurology! For those of you not familiar with the field, it is a non-invasive, drug-free approach to many neurological conditions like balance and movement disorders, concussions, headaches/migraines, among many others.  The treatment can consist of specific brain-based exercises, adjustments, and nutritional support.    If your CT and MRI scans are normal, but you are still having symptoms, chiropractic neurology may be able to help.  You can call the office if you have further questions or Email Dr. Teytelbaum directly at