Chiropractic care helps back-related leg pain

October 13, 2016
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Chiropractic Care Helps Back-Related Leg Pain


chiropracticBack-related leg pain is often disabling and costly. In people with back-related leg pain, spinal
manipulation therapy (SMT) plus home exercise and advice (HEA) provided more short-term
improvement in pain and ability than HEA alone, according to a study.
The trial consisted of 192 adults with subacute or chronic back-related leg pain who were randomized into two groups. Over the course of twelve weeks, one group received SMT along
with HEA and the other group received only HEA. During this time, patients worked with chiropractors, exercise therapists, and a personal trainer to receive efficient instruction and treatment to relieve back-related leg pain.
Chiropractic care including the use of spinal manipulation therapy in conjunction with home exercise and advice offers a safe and conservative approach to effectively reduce hindering and costly back-related leg pain.

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