Trick or Treat! Chiropractic at the World Series

Chiropractic at the World Series

Trick or Treat! Chiropractic at the World Series

The Washington Nationals won the 2019 World Series last night – and chiropractic care had a hand in the victory!

Max Scherzer, professional baseball player and pitcher for the brand-new 2019 World Series Champions, The Washington Nationals, had to sit Game 5 of the play-offs out just a few days earlier due to nerve irritation near his neck.
After an integrated healthcare team approach, including a few chiropractic adjustments, Scherzer was given the go ahead to get back on the field for Game 7 stating that the treatments and adjustments “really freed up the neck.”

Scherzer stated: “Our chiropractor, he does amazing work, he was able to go in there and make adjustments. We did two treatments of it and really freed up the neck, the C5-C6 area, along with the trap, spasm, really felt like it subsided. And even when I was warming up tonight I felt really good. I’m good to go.”

This is another prime example of why chiropractic care is integral in the success of our athletes health and performance, as well as their ability to prevent and manage injuries and associated pain.

Congratulations to The Washington Nationals, Max Scherzer and his team of healthcare providers, a true win-win all around!

For further details, click here to read the CBS Sports article.

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Sherry McAllister DC, M.S (Ed), CCSP
Executive Vice President
Foundation for Chiropractic Progress