Advanced Performance and Rehabilitation Center Program

Advanced Performance and Rehabilitation Center Program

Advanced Performance and Rehabilitation Center Program

Have you tried to make changes to your training routine with the intent to improve performance and not seen the desired performance results? Have you been slowed down – or stopped – by a series of injuries, seemingly minor yet physically limiting, nevertheless?

How you move has consequences, both good and bad. Yet until movement skills and ability are objectively measured, these consequences cannot be anticipated or addressed. A training program that is designed without knowing how you move, can never truly be effective.

3D Athletic Development is offering Advanced Performance and Rehabilitation Center clients a Movement Assessment Package featuring DorsaVi’s state of the art, wearable sensor technology; the only wearable sensor system to have FDA approval. 3D AD uses the revolutionary DorsaVi ViPerform system to conduct both basic and high-level movement assessments, and a variety of running tests, that produce and collect real-time, objective data.

DorsaVi sees what the eyes cannot.

The information collected during these assessments provides an objective view of your movement abilities – and potential high-risk movements – and this hard data will allow 3D AD to design a customized solutions package to address individuals needs and, ultimately, improve performance. 3D AD will offer all Advanced Performance and Rehabilitation Center clients a Solutions Program that addresses their individual needs.

This package provides for follow up re-evaluations and a long-term, continually evolving training program. 3D AD will regularly modify the program to reflect the progress and the ever-changing needs of our APRC clients.

3D AD also can conduct the more basic Functional Movement Screen (FMS) that measures 7 fundamental movement patterns in order to discover any imbalances, flaws or weaknesses that can lead to movement inefficiencies and possible injury.

The Basic Package consists of the FMS and a Running Analysis using the DorsaVi system and a follow up private consultation. At this time 3D AD will provide the APRC client with the results report from the FMS and Running Analysis, as well as provide customized solutions for the client.

The cost for the Basic Package is $300.

For those interested in a more in depth evaluation 3D AD will conduct the Athletic Movement Index (AMI) screen that looks at movement patterns in a more athletic and challenging environment.

The standalone price for the AMI screen and follow up consultation is $250,

For APRC clients interested in undergoing the most comprehensive movement analysis offered by any facility, the Premium Package consisting of the FMS, Running Analysis and AMI is $400.

Advanced Performance and Rehabilitation Center Clients can contact Mark and Sal directly to ask questions about their program or to schedule an appointment at their Millburn facility at The Sports Academy.

Mark can be reached at 908/451-6806 and at and Sal at 908/451-8574 and