Cryotherapy For Use In Athletic Performance And Accelerating Injury Recovery

Cryotherapy For Use In Athletic Performance And Accelerating Injury Recovery



Dear Patients,

As part of our continued commitment to helping elite athletes and weekend warriors achieve peak performance and optimal health we’re always exploring the latest and most innovative emerging technologies.

This past week, Dr. Brett Pearsall and I took a short drive to Millburn to experience Whole Body Cryotherapy “WBC” at 256 Below. Yes, we dared to trust our bodies to the team at “256 Below” and found the results to be quite beneficial. The three minutes in the cryosauna passed rather quickly and we both emerged feeling very refreshed. The post treatment feeling was rather euphoric and left us feeling energized for several hours.

WBC is being used by over thirty professional sports teams and countless elite athletes in the United States to enhance performance and accelerate recovery. Originally invented in 1976 by Dr. Yamaguchi in Japan for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, WBC has since been refined and perfected for use in athletic performance and accelerating injury recovery. WBC is also used extensively to help minimize the pain and inflammation caused by arthritis, lyme’s disease and other chronic pain and auto-immune disorders including fibromyalgia, spinal stenosis, MS and Lupus.

There are many potential benefits but, as explained to me by the 256 Below team, the two things WBC does for everyone is to reduce inflammation and boost your metabolism. Just three minutes in a cryosauna provides the equivalent inflammation reduction of a one hour full body ice bath. Leister City, the 5000 to 1 underdogs who won the English Premier League Soccer Championship attribute a great deal of their success to daily cryotherapy sessions which allowed them to train harder and recover faster.

If you’d like to experience WBC for yourself at 256 Below, mention APRC and you’ll receive a 20% discount.