Movement! What is it good for?! Absolutely Everything!

Movement! What is it good for?! Absolutely Everything!

We here at APRC would like to share with you a little secret that has a big impact on your daily life – Movement! Most people understand that exercise and moving around is great to stay in shape and to lose weight, but there is more to it than that. Your body and brain literally rely on movement to develop and grow. Scientists have discovered from functional MRI studies that our ability to grow our neural connections stems from our ability to move around! The more you move and the more you learn new movements and exercises, the better your brain functions. This is an exciting new reason to get off the couch and start moving around.

How does Chiropractic fit into this you ask?

From infancy to old age, different stressors, like accidents or overuse injuries, occur in life that can cause joints to not move as well. If the joints are locked up then the receptors firing into your brain are also not firing at full capacity! The chiropractic adjustment restores the movements to the joints so you can move, function, and feel better!

Yours truly,
The APRC Team

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