Man Runs 2:46 Marathon In Flip Flops

Man Runs 2:46 Marathon In Flip Flops

The “flip flop guy” will need a podiatrist (and a chiropractor) after this Marathon! It is hard enough on your body to walk in flip flops, imagine running. Since the flip flop is not closed your body works overtime to hold the shoe onto your body. The following are reasons why flips flops are not good for you:

1-You can develop tendonitis or a muscle strain from the tendons and muscles working overtime to hold the shoe to your body. For example your toes curling to hold onto the shoe.

2-There is no arch or ankle support, which can lead to heel, arch, or Achilles pain.

3-All of the above will alter your gait which can cause hip and lower back pain. Not to mention affect your time.

4-You can develop calluses, dry skin or fissures.

5-There is no protection from rocks, uneven surfaces or from people stepping on your feet.

Flip flops are good for showers in public places like the gym, the beach, or the pool but not for strenuous activity like a Marathon or spending a day walking around NYC. For all other activities it is important to wear supportive shoe gear.